Updating war file


--skipinstall Skip the extraction of the utilities from the launcher.

--installonly Perform installation only and do not start the server.

To help us enforce this we have employed the services of a copyright/take-down company who are constantly monitoring the Internet for unlawful copies of our titles and removing them...

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Clients should be set up to allow the Rundeck server user to connect to the clients using SSH via public-key authentication. See Configure remote machine for SSH in the Administration chapter.

There are various ways for installing SSH on Windows; we recommend Cygwin. The RPM build depends on the documentation as well.

All models are unbuilt,complete and mint unless otherwise stated.

Logins are defined in terms of a username and password as well as one or more user groups.

An alternative configuration to the flat file user directory, is LDAP (e.g., Active Directory) but Rundeck authentication and authorization is customizable via JAAS.

Privilege is granted if a user's group membership meets the requirements of the policy.


Two installation methods are supported: Rundeck can also install as a WAR file into an external container like Tomcat.Output from command and job executions is saved on disk but can be forwarded to remote stores like S3 or Logstash.



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