Updating 1970s homes


Danny Lipford: Well, now, thinking through it, I’m sure you thought about completely taking everything out. I know you thought of a couple different kinds of countertops. Lori Harris: We’re going to go with granite and we’re using sapphire brown. Lori Harris: Which is a great little product that’s got a lot of really nice variations to it. Steve, one of the questions we always get from homeowners when they’re wanting to do a little bit of this work themselves, what type of grit sandpaper do you use to cut that finish off? Danny Lipford: Yeah, it seems like it’s cutting it down pretty well, and of course, you know, these cabinets, they’re in really good shape. Then you have your base coat and you spray the wetting agent. We’re also adding larger crown molding which should add more of a formal feel to the room. His first chore is prepping the cabinets for paint. Steve Steele: Because, it’s according to how much varnish is left on here, but if it’s not a lot, 220 is fine. Now we’ve got everything laid out here that you need to help transform the look of your countertop. Shea Pettaway: Oh, we have the diamond tool sander that’s going to start the prepping on the countertop. The next step is the removal of the existing cabinet doors. As they lay out the new recessed can lights around the perimeter of the room, they have to consider three things. So, how long have you been thinking about the renovation of the kitchen? They’re all being replaced, but they would need to be moved anyway to install new flooring. With the cabinet changes made, the electricians can go to work to improve the lighting situation in this kitchen. So, that’s a big advantage in not having to grab space from another room. You don’t have the shininess as much, and it just seems to fit in. Danny Lipford: Oh, you’ve given this a lot of thought. We’ve really been doing our homework and getting ready for you guys to come in and get started. Danny Lipford: But most of the time people are always trying to figure out a way to make their kitchen larger. Great spot right here in the middle for breakfast table. Joe Truini: It seems the older I get, the more keys I carry around. But first, let’s check in with Joe for this week’s Simple Solutions.


So now you’ve seen the kitchen we’re about to change. We’ve even added a new matching cabinet between the back door and the dining room doors to add a little more storage., we’re transforming a dated ’60s kitchen from worn and tired to stylish and new. And this is one of the millions of houses that were built back in the ’60s, and it has a kitchen that’s ripe for remodeling. Danny Lipford: So, how long have you been thinking about the renovation of the kitchen? But I understand what we’ll be doing is removing all of the doors, and then some newer hardware, that kind of thing. It’s got some browns and tans and just a hint of that sapphire blue. I mean, they’re not in bad shape at all, considering how old they are. Jodi Marks: And then once you get the surface wet, this is where this little bad boy comes in.Stick around to find out what it takes to get from one stage to another. Like many of the houses from this era, the simple plywood doors on the cabinets had a pattern routed into the surface that someone thought would make them look elegant. Back then the countertop material of choice was plastic laminate, usually in a pretty basic color scheme. Lori Harris: Right, desperately need some new hardware. Now, I know you’ve done a lot of painting of cabinets. See all these little decorative flecks in this bag? Shea Pettaway: And after that, then you use your protective top coat to make it durable and have a shiny finish to it. Jodi Marks: And it could transform the look of your kitchen or your bathroom in no time. And finding the key that I use all the time, in this case, the backdoor, is not always easy because of all the keys.

Between the car, the house, the shed, the garage, wind up with a whole pocket full of keys.

Lori Harris: Yeah, we’re going with some GE Profile appliances. Get nail polish, get a nice bright color, and paint both sides of the key. You’ll be surprised, it lasts a lot longer than spray paint would.



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