The avenue dating agency

Over the screech of aged wheels against decrepit tracks, there are the cries of waiting riders — people like Bronx student Madelin Perez, 24, who was stuck at the 149th St.-Grand Concourse station.

“They’re not that worried about service,” a source familiar with the internal report said of agency brass. They’ve convinced themselves they don’t need to worry about abysmal ‘on-time performance.’ ” NYC subway relies on decades-old, outmoded signals and switches There are a lot more problems than that — such as aging cars and track equipment, new cars that struggle to perform as well as well as older ones, and an ancient signaling system, with parts dating back to Franklin Roosevelt’s presidency.

“They love to blame it on ridership,” one source said, “but now it’s getting harder and harder because the bottom-line number is down.” Critics also argue that fixing the subway’s signal system should come before station makeovers, which is one of Gov. “There’s a shift in the organization,” an NYC Transit source told The News.

“They feel like if there’s better station settings, then riders will feel better.” Cuomo spokesman Jon Weinstein rejected that, arguing there’s no trade-off between signal work and station upgrades.

Riders, in other words, are just victims of the transit system’s success.

The agency blames it on the number of people who are taking the train these days.

It also provides the operators and maintenance personnel for the City of Portland-owned Portland Streetcar system.


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