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Nonetheless, the Calpurnii obviously believed their ancestor had played an integral role in the establishment of the Ludi Apollinares and thus prominently displayed the head or bust of Apollo on the obverse of the coins they minted.The meaning of the galloping horseman found on the reverse of the L. It is possible that this is yet another reference to the Ludi Apollinares.The Calpurnii were present at many of the watershed events in the late Republic and had long distinguished themselves in serving the state, becoming an influential and well-respected family whose defense of traditional Roman values cannot be doubted.Lucius Calpurnius Piso Frugi, who was moneyer in 90 B. Cicero is noted as saying that frugal men possessed the three cardinal Stoic virtues of bravery, justice, and wisdom; indeed in the Thesaurus Linguae Latinae, a synonym of frugalitas is bonus, generically meaning good but also implying virtuous behavior.In order, therefore, to catch the popular votes, Drusus proposed the establishment of colonies in Italy and Sicily, and an increased distribution of corn at a reduced rate. Drusus now sought a closer alliance with the Italians, promising them the long coveted boon of the Roman franchise. His laws were abrogated as informal, and each party armed its adherents for the civil struggle which was now inevitable. C.) would set the stage for the "Civil Wars" (88-87 & 82-81 B. Silver denarius, S 235, Calpurnia 11, Crawford 340/1, Syd 663a, VF, rainbow toning, Rome mint, 3.772g, 18.5mm, 180o, 90 B. obverse: laureate head of Apollo right, scorpion behind; Reverse naked horseman galloping right holding palm, L PISO FRVGI and control number CXI below; ex-CNA XV 6/5/91, #443. A portion of the following text is a passage taken from the excellent article The Calpurnii and Roman Family History: An Analysis of the Piso Frugi Coin in the Joel Handshu Collection at the College of Charleston, by Chance W.Drusus was stabbed one evening as he was returning home. C.) featuring, notably, Marius & Sulla; two men who would make significant impressions on the mind of a young Julius Caesar. Cook: In the Roman world, particularly prior to the inception of the principate, moneyers were allotted a high degree of latitude to mint their coins as they saw fit.

head right / COS IIII, Annona standing left, stalks of grain in right, left placed on modius on ship RIC 204 BMC 765 RSC 288 Ex Artifact Man Ancient Coins RI0077AURELIAN AE Antoninianus, Siscia Mint SECOND SPECIMEN KNOWN? One of the most famous centres for Asclepius worship was at Epidaurus on the Peloponnese. Louis IX, king of France (1226-1270) Gros tournois (1266-1270) Silver (958 ‰), 3.94 g, diameter 26 mm, die axis 12h O: inner circle: LVDOVICVS REX; cross patte; outer circle: BHDICTV⋮SIT⋮HOmЄ⋮DNI⋮n RI⋮DЄI⋮Ih V.

C., depicted Apollo on the obverse and the galloping horseman on the reverse, as does his son Gaius. Piso Frugis coins have lettering similar to L-PISO-FRVGI on the reverse, quite disparate from his son Gaius derivations of C-PISO-L-F-FRV. Piso Frugi coins are noted as possessing superior workmanship to those produced by L. The Frugi cognomen, which became hereditary, was first given to L. Gary Forsythe notes that Cicero would sometimes invoke L.

Calpurnius Pisos name at the beginning of speeches as a paragon of moral rectitude for his audience. Calpurnius Piso Frugis inclusion of the laureled head of Apollo, essentially the same obverse die used by his son Gaius (c. C.), was due to his familys important role in the establishment of the Ludi Apollinares, the Games of Apollo, which were first instituted in 212 B. at the height of Hannibals invasion of Italy during the Second Punic War.

Price 6; Troxell, Studies, Issue A3; SNG Cop 660; Muller 853. (29 mm, 17.15 g, 2h) This is one of the first emissions of Alexanders coinage struck in his homeland, albeit about three years after he departed for Asia Minor. * AGRICULTURE AND COMMERCE, ship under sail right J GIBBS MANUFACTURER/ [OF]/ MEDALS/ AND/ TOKENS/ &C/ NJ/ * BELLEVILLE Rulau HT 202; Low 150 Ex Robert Williams Collection (Steve Hayden, 11 December 2016), lot 363; Steve Hayden (2 December 2012), lot 585UNITED STATES, Trade Tokens. The inner part of a Gros tournois is similar to a denier tournois.

Graffiti in upper left field - Aramaic kaph (k) and sadhe (s). PLURIBUS UNUM on ribbon; thirteen stars around; 1837; c/m: small D above, '61' in white ink to left * JAY. So Louis IX introduced the Gros Tournois in 1266, with a value of 12 deniers tournois (12 is the number of lis, and also of letters of the obverse and reverse legends ! Gros means ``big'' or``thick'', and tournois ``of Tours'' (Tours is a french city). AΛEΞANΔPOY Zeus Atophoros seated left; janiform head vase in left field. CU Token (28.5mm, 9.85 g, 12 h) Belleville (New Jersey) mint. Dated 1837 Laureate head of Liberty right; above, E. 115; Dattari (Savio) -; Kln 3569-70; Rostovtsev & Prou 665-6; Roma 6 (29 September 2013), lot 923-4LIBERIA, American Colonization Society. The value of the denier had become too small for use in commerce.


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