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Dropping to her knees she tightly clasped her hands, raised them in a desperate prayer and said, “PLEASE sir, please HELP me.” She wasn’t even aware that she was sobbing as she said, “PLEASE don’t make me go back, they’ll TORTURE me then start RAPING me again!” Chester Mc Clean, like most long-haul truck drivers, was extremely well informed.She was fifteen and he was forty-two but he was eight years younger than her husband.A ruggedly handsome man, Chet was very kind, a trait her husband never had.



Bursts of white steam exploded from her mouth as she ran toward the highway. “Dear Lord,” she whispered, “Let it be one of those big trucks.” As it neared she saw that it was a semi pulling a forty foot trailer.

They had stopped in two busy and clean truck stops to take showers.

And he was kind enough to stop every two hours to accommodate her tiny bladder.

SHIT, he thought, knowing that any kind of involvement in this weird community could get him into trouble with these unexplainable people.


“Get into the cab Missy,” he said, consternation written all over his face, “Climb into the upper bunk behind the seats and pull the curtain tight.

He had made a number of deliveries to Eldorado Texas and Colorado City, Arizona and was familiar with the LDS Church (Mormon), as well as Warren Jeff’s FLDS (Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints) cult. George, Utah and was undergoing trial for the rape of minors, incest and polygamy.


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