Sakura and sasuke games of dating

She missed having a friend like Sakura, someone she could share a rumour with. Ino tried to find an interest in training, but she never could. Ino quickly raised her head searching for some reason to make her friend reconsider. I'm sure Naruto-kun and Kakashi-sensei will just get a new Genin placed on their team. As her friend she just wanted to make the tears go away."Y-Yeah of course it did, but I only wanted to study under Tsunade-sen…Hokage-sama so I could be as strong as Sasuke-kun and Naruto-kun, but I never saw any improvement so I gave up. The whole point of this exercise, of course, was to get Sakura somewhere, not make her cum in the middle of the street. " Lavender saw Sakura move through the streets at a much faster pace than she did before thanks to the lowered vibration.

Not even with the constant encouragement of her team. I'm sure any of them would make a better substitute." The blond was a little taken back by her giving Naruto the 'kun' honorific, but since they were teammates she let it go, they might be closer as friends than she thought they were."And what about Hokage-sama? The stalking woman took out a walkie-talkie and spoke into it. The mysterious young woman was now able to make an accurate estimated time of arrival to her scheduled destination."ETA ten minutes Lantana how should I proceed…over?

Before Naruto can leave for his two and a half year training trip, Jiraiya is called away on a mission by Tsunade.

So he gives his apprentice an S-rank jutsu to study to keep him busy while he is away.

She also recalled it wasn't the most desirable place with graffiti everywhere and ramen cups scattered on the floor as well as dirty dishes in the sink. it saddened her that such a sweet boy, although a little dense, could be subjected to such treatment.

Ino really wanted to be friends with the boy, but she was afraid of being shunned for associating with the 'demon' as so many people cruelly called him when they thought no one was listening. In fact she even heard her father talk to her mother about helping him, but even her parents were afraid that helping Naruto would somehow negatively reflect on their clan. It was like nothing in the world could stop him from being who he was. She used a useful surveillance technique which her sensei thought her and the rest of team ten.


" He stammered as she nodded."Yes, you Naruto-kun." She said as she kissed his lips again lightly.

He is also very inquisitive and knowledgeable and certainly helped me refine future scenes in chapters and has even given me several ideas. The always quick to gossip and daughter to the owner, Ino Yamanaka, stood behind the counter with a bored expression on her face. Sakura hadn't called her 'Ino-pig' like she used to. The blond smiled happily, clearly pleased by this."Sounds great! It took a few minutes but Ino closed the shop early and darted out the door.

Lastly i do not own the Naruto anime or manga or any of its characters and i of course am not making a profit from this fanfic it is solely for your entertainment. Two weeks have passed since Sasuke had left the leaf village. Maybe their friendship could be saved."Hey Sakura-chan, I'm doing great, business is booming." She said nicely but sarcastically to her former-but-hopefully-not-for-long friend. I don't mind making time for a good friend of mine…" She stopped suddenly as something horrible she heard earlier crossed her mind. I quit about two days ago." Ino nodded slowly that was around the same time she heard the news. The only reason I even wanted to be a shinobi was so I could in some way be with Sasuke. It was a pity though, Ino had been looking forward to going on missions with her pink haired friend sometime in the future as they grew stronger together."I-I see where you're coming from Sakura-chan. Trust me, I know, but it's no reason to run away from the life of a shinobi. " Sakura looked up at her friend surprised by the gentle and caring tone in her voice."I-I don't know Ino-chan. It would be a huge hassle to…ahhh." Sakura stopped as she felt her lower region vibrating madly. The pink haired girl turned around trying to leave the flower shop, holding onto the area between her legs out of fear she may cum at any moment. Turning to where she had seen Sakura go she jumped onto a nearby roof top and searched the nearby streets.

Little does Naruto know the good deeds he uses the jutsu for will change his life forever. Chapters 1 and 2 have been betaed.*Grins* Hello all. Once again let me just say thank you for all the reviews and favorites i am very impressed with the progress of this story in such a short time so please keep it up and i hope this LONG ASS chapter is to all of your liking.

Also i would like to take this moment to thank my new Beta "Cows are my friends" who has so far reviewed this entire chapter, improved some lines, added a certain scene near the end and took the time to make part 1 of an important omake necessary to the plot and Sakura think of it as part 1 of a chapter 2.5 though i will warn that it may contain some scenes that isn't for everybody. You know…rekindle our friendship." The pink haired girl looked uncertain. Completely weirded out by what had just happened Ino would normally avoid this kind of stuff and chalk it up to Sakura being weird, but she couldn't let it slide. She had to know what was happening both out of worry for her dear friend and her position as Konoha's gossip queen.

She leaned in close, closed her eyes, and kissed him on the lips.


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