Positive passions speed dating

I had known him for all of five minutes and he has gropped my bottom and fondled my breast, also what did he mean by "hope to see more of you soon.

Lynn was outraged, here she was a 39 year old married mother of two being touched in a sexual manor by this rogue of young man with the morals of an ally cat.

About 30 seconds after, Jane came into the lounge and said " Ready Steve, lets go".

Jane shouted "goodbye " to her mum still in the kitchen and i added "bye Lynn ,nice getting to know you, hope to see more of you soon ".

In her confused state she decided to wait until her head was clearer and she could think straight.

Mark not picking up her distress signals carried on teasing "I know what's made your headlights switch to full beam, must be Janes new boyfriend Steve that's got you all excited, Tom just told me that Jane says he's so good looking, Tom really likes him, he's a West Ham supporter and he's promised to take Tom to a match soon, sounds like a fine, descent young man, i can see why Jane's been so happy these past couple of weeks, we'll have to invite him for dinner soon, i can't wait to meet him".

Lynn shot up in blind terror and said "what the hell do you think your doing ".

I gave her my cheekiest grin and said "Jane might be a keeper and they say if you want to know what your girlfriend will look like in twenty years time check out the mother, it's nice to know that you still only have one arse".


She tried justifying her emotions to herself, sure he was a hunk, and he seemed a polite well mannered young man until the point he grabbed her bottom and squeezed her breast showing his true colours.

As Jane and i walked to my car, Jane looked at me and asked "what are you grinning about " i just gave her arse a little squeeze and said "cos your looking so sexy ".

Lynn was still in her kitchen blushing and trying to get her head round what had just happened.

She made up her mind to tell her husband Mark when he came in from work shortly.

Ten minutes later Lynn heard the front door open and close and Mark talking with Tom.

Lynn steadied herself against the worktop trying to comprehend what had just happened, a young man half her age had squeezed a handful of her bottom, told her she still only had one bottom, then had the cheek to shush her when she tried to admonish him.



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