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Although it took over a year for things to fall into place in our lives, I never stopped believing that things were going to be okay. After Josh’s 15-year struggle with pornography, their heart is to spread a message of hope for hurting marriages.Josh’s heart showed no signs of remorse or true repentance for almost a year. Listen to their two part interview on Covenant Eyes Radio.This was not problem; it had nothing to do with me being a bad wife. I am sure he had feelings of hopelessness in spite of his lies.Having been addicted to pornography for 15 years and having no lasting victory…what is the point of trying? The things Josh would say made me feel like my heart was being ripped out. Time after time he attacked me, and I would just take it. I read to them from the Bible about the Prodigal Son, and how this was a picture of Daddy.The ever-rising stories of children being sexually abused and groomed for sex and other types of online crimes are making parents revise their entire parenting practices.


A simple solution to track internet history on a cell phone is to install a monitoring app like XNSPY on the device whose internet history you wish to monitor.This is a revelation that kept me going, even when things felt like they were entirely my fault.


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