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Be sure to follow Brooke on Twitter at @Brooke Knight123 to see when she’s appearing next! I’ve always wanted to work for Playboy ever since I was little. It was actually one of my friends who turned me onto it. I usually work at night, but it’s great, I can work during the day for PBLive too.

She was making a music video at the time and knew somebody on set that worked for them. There’s a difference between Playboy webcam and a general webcam girl, and I guess that stereotype follows over when I’m dating or when I meet people; they think I’m doing a full-on sex show every night, which is not really what I’m doing. I have fans all over the world, especially in Australia, so that works out great.

When I do photo shoots I try to get them involved as much as possible.

I’ll ask them what they want to be wearing for the shoot. A couple of years ago I got to do a photo shoot with four other PBLive girls that was really fun, I had always wanted to do that!

At this page you are going to enjoy truly exciting entertainment and passionate sexual satisfaction.

It doesn’t meter what type of girls you like most of all or what sex style makes you to feel the passion.

All those who like to watch beautiful women teasing and showing all their qualities will certainly be thrilled with Playboy Plus.

The abundance of material and the standard setting quality of it definitely promise that every single penny invested will pay off.


All these broads are the real stunners, as they all have to meet the company standards which represent the paramount in porn industry.

We have tons of very different model babes which have various sexual preferences.

All of them will be happy to get introduced with you and to enjoy having a pleasant and steamingly exciting sex webcam chat!

The guy eventually told me to bring my stuff over and I’ve been doing it ever since! When you don’t know how to act it’s a little weird, but I really liked it because it was basically looking in the mirror. What I’m doing is a striptease; it’s kind of flirty and fun. So I do get judged like that, but not from friends and family. There’s always going to be traffic coming in from different countries, so it’s cool that I can work whenever.

I’ve always been a flirt, so I’ve never had any trouble with that side of the job! Not all of my family knows, though; my grandparents don’t know. But other than that I don’t really lie, I’m proud of it! Even when I have dated people from out of town or if I wanted to go on a vacation, I can work from the hotel, so that’s a major plus. One year I went to the Playboy Golf party and I got ready while I was doing my webcam show.

If I ever get married or have kids someday I see myself putting it off, or when my kids would be old enough to know what I’m doing I’d cut back. Guys will expect that they’re going to get laid right away when in reality that’s not how I am. There’s a lot of teacher requests; guys really like the whole professor thing.


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