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I'm here to support you whether you're looking for my personal help as your online dating coach, or if you just want to browse my online dating articles.

First things first- online dating is super competitive. You need to be smart and tactful to stand out from the thousands of single men in your city, who are all competing for the same high quality women.

Most attractive women receive up to 50 to 100 messages per day.

Do you think they have time to read all these messages? So here are a couple of my favorite online dating tips to help you get started: 1.

I think that dating apps work better for lesbians because there are less creeps on it compared to when straight people use it. I’m literally talking to about 10 girls on Tinder and 6 girls on Bumble, and that’s just today.

But before I met my girlfriend, I definitely used it for hookups.”East Coast Male, mid-20s: “BODY SHOT, BODY SHOT, BODY SHOT.”West Coast Male, early 20s: “Someone down to earth that doesn’t look like they’ll stalk me.”East Coast Male, mid-20s: “Girls that have all group pics. It’s turned into a numbers game, where I’ll probably get one out of the 10 girls to go out on a date.

Last month, Tom and I completed the hardest physical and mental challenge we have ever done.


Here are actual quotes, from Massachusetts to California. I’ve found that since [women] have to make the first move, you don’t get those aggressive messages from random people. I’ve heard that the League is good because it’s more filtered, and you’re only shown successful people.

Here are a couple of my favorite first date tips that will lead you to what needs to be your goal - securing date #2. First dates should under 1 hour with no more than to spent out of your pocket.


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