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The fanony extrapolation explanation is that his parents must monitor his internet usage, making him all the more a pitiful open book to them and us.) The porn is probably not the most shameful secret he has, but it's high enough on the list that he can justify substituting it in. Mikaela finds the porn box, closed, and he is embarrassed and defensive despite having just told her to look there. But we do get to know a lot of things about how she interacts with Sam and Ron and what her role in the family really is.

Notice the dialogue - he starts with a "don't touch my," can't finish the sentence, and later calls it his "treasure chest." It's an absurdly childish name for a young adult to choose as a euphemism for anything, and if it's the first metaphor that comes to mind for some hand me down pornography, it's showing just how heavy those pheromones must have been for the last few months or years of his life. She calls Ron cheap when she sees Bumblebee backfire; she is disappointed with Ron when Sam talks Ron out of grounding Sam, and Ron doesn't want to admit that this is the case to her; she seems to be the nonconfrontational one when the three of them argue together, trying to play the mediator.

One is when Sam overtly tells his dad that a cheap car isn't going to get him laid, an oddly frank moment showing his real motivations and an appeal to pity.

The other is when Maggie's fat pet black person (my god hug this movie why) crumbles under the threat of possible interrogation and tries to use his virginity as evidence of his innocence in some weird sense - and also as another appeal to pity. There are four or five key moments tied to the masturbation subplot.

I consider the sequels too disturbing to live, and my God, the racism in the original is hugging mental, but I really do consider the first film to be an appropriate representation to the non-geek world what this franchise is about.


I did so after finally reading Terry van Feleday's analysis of the trilogy that Hecate posted here, and there was a little push and pull there - I found myself watching the movie with some of her methods in mind, and also found myself really disagreeing with a lot of her assessment. and The Love Bug, and I don't think the movie really makes sense in any other context.It's again making him absurdly adolescent (which he always is, in contrast to the aged-before-her-age Mikaela, probably one of the big reasons that the two of them have zero chemistry on screen.) The third key moment is Judy's question after Sam opens the door and starts making things up, what people actually seem to mean when they refer to "the masturbation joke." "Oh for Pete's sakes, you are so defensive. She's extremely practical and has to manage these two men in her house.She's always the straight man to their overreactions. " She's also the opposite number to Simmons and to the Transformers themselves in her openness."We don't have to call it that word if that makes you uncomfortable." She's patronizing, taking on a tone normally reserved for children - which Sam, and Ron for the moment, really are. Underneath the chatter is an "I don't masturbate." Judy isn't even going to dignify the absurdity of this statement by denying it.

"We can call it Sam's happy time." She's trying to let the boys out of the hole they're digging.She's already brought one Hasbro toy property to life through her imagination in this scene; Ironhide himself seems like an easy second. I'd never really paid a lot of attention to this element of the movie, and I guess I'd started to actually think of it as something that just pops up from nowhere as a distracting bit of humor in a scene where it shouldn't be the focus.


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