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Generally, there tend to be more studies supporting a positive relationship between group cohesion and performance.” With that in mind the following article is an effort to enhance group/team cohesion and as a result help improve group/team performance.

What is team cohesiveness and why does it matter to an organization to have cohesiveness within its teams? Bell discuss the composition of teams and its effect on cohesiveness.

The findings consistently suggest that “attitudinal similarity [is] associated with higher group cohesiveness.” Diversity also improves communication, reduces personal conflict, attracts friendships, and gives more satisfaction to group members.

Overall, the school of thought that is most widely accepted, in regards to team cohesion, is that “surface-level differences are less important and deep-level differences are more important for groups that had interacted more often” .

It is generally accepted that group cohesion and performance are associated.

“However, the issue of a cause/effect relationship between group cohesion and performance is not completely resolved.

These attributes are less apparent than surface-level differences and are “learned through extended, individualized interaction and information gathering.” They are communicated differences which are shared through both verbal and nonverbal behavior.

Whether a room or lounge where team members can congregate between classes and the end of the day, practice space for formal and informal coaching sessions, travel time in cars and vans, or social time to enjoy pizza and a movie, both quantity and quality of communication are necessary to build a cohesive team climate of openness and trust…According to Bormann(1990), highly cohesive groups interact in an open climate where individuals are free to ask questions and disagree with one another; even the ability to work through inevitable team conflict in such a constructive climate will only serve to strengthen team cohesion.” In order to build cohesion within any team whether it be a sports team or work team communication is an essential ingredient.It is often remarked that groups are everywhere, whether in our social lives, our work lives, or even our families.



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