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Keep the number of UI elements used to render your items to a reasonable minimum.

When an items control is first shown, all the elements needed to render a viewport full of items are created.

It is also important to provide visually pleasing and user friendly pages particularly when the page involves more user interaction for operations like creating, updating or deleting records in a database. NET Grid View with the simple and rich Twitter Bootstrap's Modal j Query plugin to implement a complete CRUD package in ASP. In this article, I am going to use a table in My Sql Database for demonstration purpose.

To run the sample application provided in the above link, you have to create required table in My Sql database as explained below.har(50), Region varchar(50), Population bigint, Indep Year int); For your ease I am giving few insert statements with dummy values with which you can add a few rows in the table you have created instantly. Now let us proceed and add a Web Page to our Web forms application.

The concept of a viewport is critical to UI virtualization because the framework must create the elements that are likely to be shown.

In general, the viewport of an Items Control is the extent of the logical control.

Improve List View and Grid View performance and startup time through UI virtualization, element reduction, and progressive updating of items.

For data virtualization techniques, see List View and Grid View data virtualization. A photo viewer has collections of photos, a reader has collections of articles/books/stories, and a shopping app has collections of products.


First of all add a Script Manager control to your webform as we are going to do everything in AJAX way.This topic shows what you can do to make your app efficient at manipulating collections.There are two key factors in performance when it comes to collections: one is the time spent by the UI thread creating items; the other is the memory used by both the raw data set and the UI elements used to render that data.In one of my articles I explained how to use Twitter Bootstrap Modal Popup Plugin to show gridview row details in a modal popup on selecting a particular gridview row.

This article was well received and as a result I got many requests to write an article explaining the usage of Twitter bootstrap's Modal Plugin to implement create, read, update and delete operations in ASP. that would allow us to easily manipulate and present data in the page with built-in and custom properties.

Next let us add code for detail view popup that displays selected gridview row in a detailsview control.


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