Grateful dead singles dating

He slept only one or two hours each night; the rest of the time, he prayed.

His reputation for sanctity brought pilgrims from around the world to visit him at San Giovanni Rotondo.

And I hope and pray that I will always remember to offer the same act of mercy for my “dear suffering friends,” so that, by God’s grace, we will all meet one day, with the angels and saints, together in the Sacred Heart, for all eternity.

When we think about celebrating, we often think of events like Christmas, which we will celebrate in a few days.

And yet, in the last hours of his life, as told in the book he made a request that seems bewildering in light of his holiness.

The says something amazing about praying for the dead: “Our prayer for them is capable not only of helping them, but also of making their intercession for us effective.” When I pray for the souls in Purgatory, it makes them better able to pray for me.

Reading the weather-worn headstones there, I wonder about the lives they honor. A three-month-old baby and her father, both born in the 19 century.


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