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Passaconaway is attributed with creating the forestless "old horn" of Mount Chocorua.It is said that Passaconaway started a forest fire that laid the peak bare.Goody was exonerated in 1938, and a stone now stands outside the Tuck Museum to remember the woman who, it turns out, was never a witch after all.Jefferson, NH "Granny" Stalbird, also known as Deborah Vicker, was only the second woman to settle in the town of Jefferson.Her prayer was soon answered and she was seen ascending to Heaven in her canoe with arms outstretched and looking for all the world like a white sea gull.Thus passed on to the Happy Hunting Grounds the gentle Owaissa, but even to this day fortunate ones sometimes see this vision and hear the wild sea waves endlessly repeating "Owaissa, Owaissa." Lakes Region "Many moons ago on the northern shore of this beautiful lake there lived a great chief, Wonaton, renowned for his great courage in war, and for the beauty of his fair daughter, Mineola. One day, Adiwando, the young chief of a hostile tribe to the south, hearing so much of the fair Mineola, paddled across the lake and fearlessly entered the village of his enemies.


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She was sent to a Boston prison, her land taken by the town of Hampton to pay for her imprisonment.


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    a woman who I can laugh with for hours and hours on end…

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    Chances are if you live in Europe this is not unfamiliar to you and you have seen this plenty of times. All the same height, same weight, same nice figure.. That is the sort of situation that makes up the Philippines.

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    So in a pretty big way, it was the characters themselves – along with their personalities and quirks – that eventually captured my heart enough for me to want to stay through to the end.

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    U komt echt snel in contact met de vrijgezel van jouw keuze.

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    And for this — articulating acknowledged facts — the US (a colony of Israel) and its European shills, walked out on Ahmadinejad, the one world leader with the guts to tell the truth.

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