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The point is to disengage, not to engage further by giving the silent treatment back at your partner.

If you are giving the silent treatment, because it is a habit you learned, and you want to figure out how to disengage, you are likely going to have to face some vulnerable feelings.

The CAD/CAM suite also consists of an HP A1 Pantone printer, HP A3 colour laser printer and HP A3 inkject laser printer as well as the schools network of other laser printers.

The CAD/CAM suite also houses around fifty computers for students to produce work on the various CAD packages the school has which includes the latest version of Auto Desk Inventor.

Most students leave Thomas Telford with 12 or more pass GCSES of which most are A or A* grades.

Many people struggle with the silent treatment as a form of conflict in relationship.The school's facilities include Swimming Pool, Theatre, State of the Art Fitness Centre, Astroturf, Football pitches and will be receiving even more sport facilities as part of the Building Schools for the Future campaign.In 2004, Thomas Telford School partnered with a local under-performing school, Madeley Academy, placing members of its own senior leadership in charge.Thomas Telford School previously generated significant funds through the sale of its online curriculum content and qualifications sold through a subsidiary company TTSOnline Limited (Thomas Telford School Online Limited).

The school has long been at the forefront of using IT for education, the school makes use of electronic whiteboards provided by Smart Technologies in all classrooms, learning bases and study rooms.

Notice how much focus you still want to give your partner when you hope they notice that you are focusing on yourself, and let that thought go.


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