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Part two is dinner at Breadstix, which goes so well that it requires the New Directions to stage a Beckyvention.He defends his decision to spend time with her until Becky sends him scandalous photos.Meanwhile, Becky adopts a British accent because she decides she can sound like whomever she wants when she's rattling off her list of accomplishments in her mind.In reality, the accent sounds like what you get when you use this site to send an animated greeting card using a personal photo...But the whole thing boils down to just being fine, which is on par with everything else we've seen this season.And Rachel wears the full version of Kurt's half-poncho from the fall with some inexplicable -meets-2011 ensemble.He takes the hint and decides to ask her himself, to make the first people he tells the New Directions.Firstly, because they're his family and secondly (of course), he needs their help in crafting a proposal performance.

And also, "Jumpin' Jack Flash" doesn't have anything to do with love.

But singing it dressed in black with tears rolling down their faces makes us think of a funeral, not a wedding.

The drama is further complicated when Mercedes admits she was thinking of Sam, not Shane.

The whole thing is just uncomfortable in the context so carefully pegged it into; it would have fared much better as a stand-alone performance or a number during classic rock/Top 40 mash-up week.


The performance also serves as part one of Becky's date with Artie.The conversation, in turn, inspires Sam to continue following Mercedes around like a lost pupppy, plotting ways to win her back.



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