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In the third Brendan Rylott scored at from Stortz, and Kyle Prendel, and Arcan rounded out the scoring on a power play at from Martan, and Allen..In the third the Buzzers opened up a three goal lead on a Thomas Beretta goal at , but Cam Harris kept the slim Muskie hopes alive making 6-4 at .Leblanc scored from Clerc at , followed by Mc Farland’s 2nd of the night from Blair Battochio, and Van Den Hurk at .

Muskies Fall To Spirit In Stouffville Owen Barnett and Cam Robinson each had goals for Lindsay but it wasn t quite enough as the Muskies fell to the division leading Stouffville Spirit by a score of 3-2 Thursday afternoon.Brock Traill scored his third of the season off a scramble in front of Buffalo goalie Tucker Weppner at with the lone assist going to Cam Lamport.


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