Dirty chat robots

He watched while his robot managed to stop Sonic and Tails but then sees it defeated when the heroes returned with the all-new X Tornado.

Eggman later discovered that Intelligente was disobedient, only getting the school kids to like the robot.

Eggman then arrived at Chris' school and threatened to disassemble Intelligente which forced the robot to follow his original order and kept Chris and his classmates after school.

Sonic though rushed to the kids' rescue soon and defeated Intelligente.

The doctor discovered Sonic was after it as well and orders Beacon to intercept him while continuing to look for the emerald himself.

When Eggman found it, Chris snatched it before he could and the two persistently fought over the emerald in the sky.

Taking advantage of Sonic's weakness of water, Eggman ordered his E-38 Octoron to drown him but was defeated due to Amy who aided Sonic.



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