Dating traditional thai girl

The main thing to remember on a date with a Thai woman is to just have fun or as they would say ‘sanuk’. Relax, be polite and just get to know each other to see if that special spark can be lit. Both men and women wear perfumes or colognes, so women really do take account if you smell good.She will also be looking that you are clean and tidy.The words used to describe the scene are 'uncomfortable,' 'unacceptable' and most tellingly, 'disappointed.' The excerpt illustrates the reservations held by conservative Thais towards the growing phenomenon of Thai women finding love with foreigners.Interestingly, there is less offence at sex tourism as this simply involves unfortunate Thai women who sell their bodies for money to foreigners.


For some men, this is the reason that they hopped onto the flight here, and sleazy, illicit fun is all that they are after.

Unfortunately this element of Thailand has given the country and Thai women in particular a tarnished image.


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