Dating rules calling after first date

At first, Laid was so thin his progress was rapid and easy to chart. “When you start working out and the compliments begin to pour in, it pushes you even harder,” Laid says.

One of his biggest regrets, he says, was “eating clean” during his first year of working out – mostly chicken, rice and veggies.

Keith and Kevin Hodge, who go by the “Hodge twins,” are beefy, foul-mouthed dudes with identical crewcuts.

They often film themselves eating obscene amounts of food.

“I would watch You Tube fitness videos, eat, go to the gym, go home, watch more videos, go to bed, repeat. That and go to school.” His icons were fitness models who documented their workouts and lifestyles through vlogs.


Marc Fitt, 23, is a square-jawed, upbeat French Canadian whose behind-the-scene videos showcase his morning routine and bed head.As the images pass, as the skinny kid becomes bulkier and more sculpted, he looks like a Russian nesting doll being assembled in reverse. In three years, he has grown seven inches and nearly doubled his weight.


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