Dating obsidian arrowheads

Foothills Yokuts communities were protected by their relative isolation, but they sheltered escapees and began raiding for horses to ride and eat, activities that they continued into the Mexican period.Yokuts became excellent cattle breeders and horse breakers during this period.Men and women of this group also drank datura annually as part of a spring cleansing and curing ritual.Among the central Foothills group, datura was drunk once in a lifetime, by adolescents.Government The Yokuts were organized into about 50 named tribelets, each with its own semipermanent villages, territory, and dialect.


In 1851, the tribes signed a treaty to relinquish their land for a reservation and payment, but pressure from the state of California kept the U. The 1870 Ghost Dance revival provided a straw of hope to a beaten people. Yokuts found minimal employment in the logging industry, as ranch hands, and as farm laborers into the twentieth century.In the early 1830s, malaria and cholera epidemics killed roughly three-quarters of all Indians in the region.


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