Dating girl too busy

I make time to go for a run nearly every night, why?Because that's my time to unwind and get my cardio in. I make the time to cuddle up in my bed and watch the next episode on Netflix I'm obsessed with because I like to. uncomfortably pursuing this crush you hardly know, simply to spend time with a person that genuinely doesn't feel the same about you?I’ve wagged my tongue for many years about the importance of knowing logistics when meeting women. And for good reason: it’s the difference between driving sober and driving blindfolded, high on mushrooms.But there’s a caveat to this: you’re better off taking those mushrooms if the girl’s not interested in you, because logistics won’t matter then.I honestly thought it was the best first date I had ever been on, and really thought we had a connection.



An immensely strong human drive that we often make too much time for is . And you can be your butt each and every one of us can take five seconds out of our 24 hour days to see/call/text/meet someone if it's truly important to us. So tell me, Channing Tatum or a Victoria Secret model asks you to spare 20 minutes today... There's nothing more beautiful than finding someone who is just as crazy about you as you are them.

Let's save the busy excuse and start hurting people's feelings... I think most would agree that a second of rejection is better than weeks worth of useless persuasion.


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