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The complexity of the Norte Chico Civilization may be seen in the monumental works that they left behind.

The most conspicuous of these are their ceremonial pyramids (sometimes referred to as platform mounds).

Based on radiocarbon dating, it has been suggested that the formative period of the Norte Chico Civilization was sometime during the 4th millennium BC.


Another criterion for a ‘civilization’ is urbanization, and archaeologists are not entirely certain if he Norte Chico Civilization sites may be called ‘urban’.

At the moment, these are the few known examples of possible Norte Chico art.

In addition, if these figures represent a divine being, it would also indicate that the civilization had some kind of religious belief system.

The items are cooked with hot stones baked in a fire pit.


All is then covered with stones, dirt and more leaves and allowed to roast Tamales are still wrapped in corn husks.

It has been postulated that the pyramids were built by stuffing stone-filled reed bags against a retaining wall.


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    CATO Victory in biga right, wreath upward in right hand, reigns in left ROMA in exergue 18mm x 19mm, 3.82g Porcia 1; Crawford 274/1; Sydenham 417 Roman Republican, M. Attractive example with excellent centering, iridescent toning in protected areas. Publicius Malleolus, AR Denarius, c.96 BC, Rome (No legend) Helmeted head of Mars right, axe above, * before C MAL (AL ligate) Soldier, nude but for cloak behind, standing left, left hand on hip, transverse spear in right, right foot on cuirass, trophy to left, caduceus over prow to right 17mm x 18mm, 3.94g Poblicia 6; Crawford 335/3c; Sydenham 615a Roman Republican, C. Pansa, AR Denarius, c.90 BC, Rome PANSA Large, laureate head of Apollo right in low relief, locks of hair heavy and scattered, III below chin (No legend) Minerva in quadriga right C . Manlius Torquatus, AR Denarius, 82 BC, Rome PRO Q | L MANLI Winged, helmeted head of Roma right L SVLLA IM Sulla in slow quadriga right, crowned by Victory flying left above 17mm x 19mm, 3.85g Manlia 4; Crawford 367/5; Sydenham 757 Notes by Seaby: Lucius Manlius was proquaestor to Sulla during the Mithradatic War and this type represents a triumph granted to the great imperator. Censorinus, AR Denarius, 82 BC, Rome (No legend) Laureate head of Apollo right L . It was build in mid 3rd century BC and it was later restored by Augustus. F Cybele seated, driving biga of lions right, ML above 18mm x 19mm, 4.02g Volteia 4; Crawford 384/4; Sydenham 777 Notes: The field mark should be in Greek, however, it really does appear to be ML. Lucretius Trio, AR Denarius, 74 BC, Rome TXII Laureate head of Nepture right, trident behind L . And more if the ancestor killed with his own hands the slaves leader, Antenion (from Calic)." "I suppose this could be lifting up a moribund Sicily! Capito, AR Denarius, 55 BC, Rome P FONTEIVS P F-CAPITO III VIR Helmeted, draped bust of Mars right, trophy over shoulder MN -FONT TR -MIL (MN and NT ligate) Horseman rearing right, preparing to thrust spear with right hand at enemy soldier about to run sword through disarmed opponent, helmet and shield in lower right field 17mm x 18mm, 4.07g Fonteia 17; Crawford 429/1; Sydenham 900 Ex Collection formed c.1893 and includes original collection envelope (listing the purchase price then as

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    The complexity of the Norte Chico Civilization may be seen in the monumental works that they left behind.

    .75) Roman Republic, Cn.

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    The strategic importance of the area is immense: through it pass the main roads from Egypt to Syria and from the Mediterranean to the hills beyond the Jordan River.

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