Consolidating spousal rrsp


And this year we’re giving away 0 in cash just for being a reader of this blog :) My old blogging friend Brad Chaffee and I used to do these every year before he left blogging (anyone around from the Enemy of Debt days? Share your answers by December 3rd (this Sunday) at midnight, and I’ll randomly select 5 of you to win 0 each. Well good news my fiscal friends, Christmas Stimulus is back!! If you’re new to the blog here (and by “new” I mean started reading anytime after 2012 haha…) here are the rules to Christmas Stimulus – it’s super simple: There are no right or wrong answers here, I’m just nosey and fascinated by how people spend money :) Especially FREE money!I am trying to hold on to that pride for as long as possible!



) If I managed to score an extra 0, that would go straight into the travel fund. I am in the middle of avalanching current debt (student loans, baby with a hospital bill and new home furniture) so I would use the 0 in addition to my monthly payment.

I’m down to ,000, so I will be completely debt free in less than three years. And use the remaining .00 to reduce my 00.00 Visa credit card debt.

Reply I would give .00 to the Union Rescue Mission. Reply My parents and I live in VA, but my sister and her family live in TX. Since my sister and I both teach and have a good chunk of time off at the holidays, I want to take my parents on a road trip to go visit them after Christmas.

) and I guess life and kids and who knows what else got in my way from continuing it forward… I’ve been reading for the past year, you are hilarious!

I would put the money towards paying off my mortgage, which I’ve been working on for the past three years.

Not much spending going on for the Fruggiero’s in December 2017.


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