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O859b B75 201404a822.914223 a WAUW1 a Young, Jeff,d1957-eauthor.10a Bright phoenix /c Jeff Young ; with lyrics by Martin Heslop.0 i At head of added title page:a Liverpool Everyman & Playhouse present the world premiè̀re of 1a London :b Bloomsbury Methuen Drama, an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing Plc Bloomsbury,c2014. 4c©2014 a91 pages :billustrations ;c20 cm. atextbtxt2rdacontent aunmediatedbn2rdamedia avolumebnc2rdacarrier nnata English2lcdgt ngdra Men2lcdgt1 a Modern plays a"First performed on at the Everyman Theatre, Liverpool"--Added title page. a A play with music. a"On the run from tragedy, Lucas escaped Liverpool -- then a city cast aside, a city crumbling.Now he's back, the old gang don't rush to welcome him home and ghosts haunt the ruins of their childhood playgrounds.02131cam a2200469 i 4500001001300000003000600013005001700019008004100036040004900077035002000126042000800146043001200154046001500166050002300181049000900204245006300213264014200276264001100418300004000429336002600469337002800495338002700523370005500550386005600605388002800661490005100689500012600740500023100866650004901097650005601146650005601202650004201258650003501300651003501335655001901370700003801389710006401427710007401491751004001565830004401605994001201649ocm39935545 OCo LC20151120065311.0980925t19981998caua 000 p eng c a JRKbengerdac JRKd OCLCQd OCLCFd OCLCOd WAU a(OCo LC)39935545 apcc an-us-ca k1998o1998 4a PS591.S3b I25 1998 a WAUW00a I want to see what life can be /c Giovanna Capone, editor. 1a[Oakland, California] :b City of Oakland, Oakland Public Library ;a San Francisco, California :b California Poets in the Schools,c[1998] 4c©1998 a97 pages :billustrations ;c22 cm. atextbtxt2rdacontent aunmediatedbn2rdamedia avolumebnc2rdacarrier c United Statesg West Oakland (Oakland, Calif.)2naf a Childrena Teenagersa Californiansa Americans2lcdgt1 a Twentieth century2lcsh1 a The poetry of West Oakland's youth ;vvolume 2 a Poems written by children and teenagers, ages 4-18, during a ten-week series of poetry workshops from March to May, 1998. a"Writing workshop was sponsored by California Poets in the Schools ...Jake has purple eyes and a mysterious history: he was separated from his family at birth and left with more questions than answers.


1. a C0b WAU02892cam a2200589Ii 4500001001300000003000600013005001700019008004100036040007800077015001900155016001800174019003600192020002600228020002300254020002600277020002300303020002600326020002300352035007500375043001200450046001500462050002600477082001600503049000900519100003300528245006500561246009900626264009900725264001100824300004000835336002600875337002800901338002700929386002400956386002000980490001701000500009001017500002301107520074301130650002301873650005601896650005201952651003202004655001802036700003102054710006102085830002602146938004802172938004102220938002902261994001202290ocn892564150OCo LC20151120065523.0140922t20142014enka 000 d eng d a UKMGBbengerdac UKMGBd OCLCOd CDXd YDXCPd COOd BDXd OCLCFd IAId IXAd WAU a GBB4A42942bnb7 a0168773572Uk a891853390a900560589a904954693 a9781474228800q(pbk.) a1474228801q(pbk.) z9781474228817q(e PDF) z147422881Xq(e PDF) z9781474228824q(e Pub) z1474228828q(e Pub) a(OCo LC)892564150z(OCo LC)891853390z(OCo LC)900560589z(OCo LC)904954693 ae-uk-en k20142edtf14a PR6125.

Knopf,c[2010] axxxiii, 274 pages, 8 unnumbered pages of plates :billustrations ;c21 cm. atext2rdacontent astill image2rdacontent aunmediated2rdamedia avolume2rdacarrier c Netherlandsg Amsterdam (Netherlands)2naf a Girlsa Teenagersa Jewsa Holocaust victims2lcdgt a Dutch2lcsh1 a1942 - 19442fast1 a Everyman's library ;v333 a"First included in Everyman's Library, 2010." a"English translation copyright 1995 by Doubleday." a Includes bibliographical references (p.

xv-xvi) and chronology. a Includes introduction by Francine Prose. a The Diary of a Young Girl is the record of two years in the life of a remarkable Jewish girl and one of the most moving and eloquent accounts of the Holocaust, Frank's triumphant humanity in the face of unfathomable deprivation and fear has made the book one of the most enduring documents of our time.

J33 201004a499.5222 a WAUW0 a Jahri Jah Jah,d1968-eauthor.10a Fijian for kids /cby Jahri Jah Jah! Dog bites /c Brian Conaghan.3 a When Mister Dog bites a Advance uncorrected proof. 1a New York :b Bloomsbury,c2014. 4c©2014 a360 pages ;c21 cm atext2rdacontent aunmediated2rdamedia avolume2rdacarrier a Novel nagea Teenagers2lcdgt nnata Scots2lcdgt ngdra Men2lcdgt1 a14 and up.2 a9 and up. a All seventeen-year-old Dylan Mint wants is to keep his Tourette's in check and live as a normal teen, but during a routine hospital visit he overhears that he is going to die, and in an attempt to claim the life he has always wanted he makes a list of "Cool Things To Do Before I Cack It" and sets out to have some fun. 0a Tourette syndrome in adolescencev Juvenile fiction. 0a Terminally illv Juvenile fiction. 0a Interpersonal relationsv Juvenile fiction. 0a Schoolsv Juvenile fiction. 0a Familiesz Englandv Juvenile fiction. 0a Englandv Juvenile fiction. 1a Tourette syndromev Fiction. 1a Terminally illv Fiction. 1a Interpersonal relationsv Fiction. 1a Schoolsv Fiction. 1a Family lifez Englandv Fiction. 1a Englandv Fiction. 7a JUVENILE FICTION / Health & Daily Living / Diseases, Illnesses & Injuries.2bisacsh 7a JUVENILE FICTION / Family / Parents.2bisacsh 7a JUVENILE FICTION / Love & Romance.2bisacsh 7a JUVENILE FICTION / Social Issues / Emotions & Feelings.2bisacsh 7a JUVENILE FICTION / Social Issues / Friendship.2bisacsh 7a Novels.2lcgft 0a Young adult fiction. a C0b WAU02128cam a2200613 i 4500001001300000003000600013005001700019008004100036040005200077020001800129020001500147035002100162042000800183043001200191050002600203049000900229100005500238245003600293246002100329246003200350250003000382250001900412264004300431264001100474300002300485336002100508337002500529338002300554380001900577385002600596386002400622386002000646520022600666521001300892521001200905650003200917650004200949650003900991650004501030650004101075651003101116650002301147650003301170650003001203650003601233650003501269651002201304650002201326655002901348655001901377655002501396700008101421994001201502ocn903221775OCo LC20151120065721.0150211t20152015nyu d 000 f eng c a WAUbengerdac WAUd WAUd OCLCAd WAUd OCLCOd WAU z9781250053312 z1250053315 a(OCo LC)903221775 apcc ae-uk-en 4a PZ7.

.1 i Subtitle on cover:a Words and phrases in Fijian1 i Subtitle on cover:a Learn to speak words and phrases in Fijian 1a[Takaka, New Zealand] :b Self published by Shane Rosemeyer,c[2010] 3a Nelson, New Zealand :b Printed by Speedy Print,c[2010] 4c©2010 a1 volume (unpaged) :bcolor illustrations ;c14 x 15 cm atextbtxt2rdacontent aunmediatedbn2rdamedia avolumebnc2rdacarrier nagea Children2lcdgt nlana English speakers2lcdgt a"For D, J, K & K! Playing Super Moon Ninja Death Jab (Turbo Ear Slap! E13159b Boy 2015b a WAUW1 a Easton, Tomc(Children's fiction writer),eauthor.10a Boys don't knit /c T. Easton.3 a Boys do not knit14a Boys don't knit (in public) a Advance reader's edition. a First edition. 1a New York :b Feiwel and Friends,c2015. 4c©2015 a265 pages ;c21 cm atext2rdacontent aunmediated2rdamedia avolume2rdacarrier a Fiction2lcgft nagea Teenagers2lcdgt nnata English2lcdgt ngdra Men2lcdgt a After a brush with the law, Ben, a dyed-in-the-wool worrier, must take up a new hobby and chooses knitting, an activity at which he excels but must try to keep secret from his friends, enemies, and sports-obsessed father.1 a13 & up.2 a8 & up. 0a Knittingv Juvenile fiction. 0a Knitters (Persons)v Juvenile fiction. 0a Conduct of lifev Juvenile fiction. 0a Teenage boysz Englandv Juvenile fiction. 0a Familiesz Englandv Juvenile fiction. 0a Englandv Juvenile fiction. 1a Knittingv Fiction. 1a Knitters (Persons)v Fiction. 1a Conduct of lifev Fiction. 1a Teenage boysz Englandv Fiction. 1a Family lifez Englandv Fiction. 1a Englandv Fiction. 1a Humorous stories. 7a Humorous fiction.2lcgft 7a Novels.2lcgft 0a Young adult fiction.1 i Sequel:a Easton, Tomc(Children's fiction writer).t English boy in New York. a C0b WAU02470cam a2200577 a 4500001001300000003000600013005001700019008004100036010001700077040010300094020001500197020001800212035002000230041001300250050002500263082002600288084001700314049000900331245007800340246007800418250001200496260005600508300002700564336002600591337002800617338002700645385003800672385003300710546003400743500002200777650006400799650007300863650003700936650004900973655002201022655002501044655008001069655006301149710005301212856010701265856009201372880008701464880005301551880004001604880004801644938007101692938003601763938004101799938004001840994001201880ocm38390108 OCo LC20151120065745.0980126s1998 ja 001 0 eng  a 98005341  a DLCbengc DLCd BAKERd BTCTAd YDXCPd TRCLSd OCLCQd TULIBd BDXd OCLCFd WAUd OCLCOd OCLCQd WAUd OCLCO a4770020384 a9784770020383 a(OCo LC)383901080 aengajpn00a PL539.5.

in conjunction with The Friends of the Oakland Public Library, The Herman Auerbach Memorial Trust Fund, and the West Oakland Public Library"--Introduction. 0a School verse, Americanz Californiaz Oakland. 0a Children's writings, Americanz Californiaz Oakland. 0a Teenagers' writings, Americanz Californiaz Oakland. 0a American poetryz Californiaz Oakland. 0a American poetryy20th century. 0a West Oakland (Oakland, Calif.) 7a Poetry.2lcgft1 a Capone, Giovanna,d1958-eeditor.2 a Oakland Public Library (Calif.),eissuing body,epublisher.2 a California Poets in the Schools (Project),eissuing body,epublisher. a West Oakland (Oakland, Calif.)2naf 0a Poetry of West Oakland's youth ;vv.


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