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She had told him no and called him a pervert and jogged off. I told her he was just an old man I couldn't do that to him.I told her to just stay away from him after that and she had not said anything more.I was never blessed in the package department but we still did it like rabbits at least five times a week.The only complaint we had of the party was the neighboring trailer park joining us." The obese man got real close and I couldn't see exactly what he was doing as Kate was in my way but I heard her say something. I found a box to stand on and look in through the dirty windows. So go ahead and touch it baby." Kate reached out and wrapped her hand around it lifting it up to examine it. He held there and let her work on it as she slowly took more and more in her tight mouth.I saw them head into the back where the bedroom was. It was a slit window that I could just see through without being spotted unless they lo right at it. I looked in and saw my wife Kate sitting on the bed while Doug stood at the door. She then used her other hand as it was too big, my guess it was about 8" soft but looked about as big as a can of pringles. By now I was sporting a full hard on watching them play.I couldn't blame him she was gorgeous in her low cut black tank top and short jeans that showed her round ass. Kate had told me one day while on a job he had waved her over to talk.


Then later on Mandy, Tim's wife, had come running up to tell us her dog had gotten out of the fence and asked us for some help.

"Well you heard the rumor about his big cock right? " "Yeah that's why women go to see him." "There is no way a ugly old pervert has a big cock baby.


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