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Face it, gents: Despite all of your healthy choices, the threat of the beer gut isn’t enough to stand between you and a booze-soaked social calendar.You know you’re going to do it anyway so you might as well approach the bar just like you approach the bench: as a health-conscious athlete.Although similar in caloric content, dark liquors have higher concentrations of congeners, toxic compounds formed during fermentation that are responsible for your hangover.Keep it light if you care about your waistline and your ability to hit the gym in the morning.Hemp's potential for producing paper also posed a threat to the timber and oil industries.Evidence suggests that commercial interests, having much to lose from hemp competition, helped propagate the reefer madness hysteria and used their influence to lobby for Marijuana Prohibition.A 2011 study took a closer look and found that ethanol actually protects neurons against the damage that can eventually lead to Alzheimer’s and dementia.


[i] -It's the sister plant to marijuana but it won't get you high.

Same goes for your drinking habits: Health benefits tank as soon as you head into binge drinking territory (that’s five drinks in one sitting for men).

-Hemp is a distinct variety of the plant species cannabis sativa L.

No matter how health conscious you are, you’re still vulnerable to cold and flu season.

But your drinking habits can help reduce your susceptibility and stay on your A-game at the gym.

A study published in the found that participants who drank 8-14 glasses of wine per week reduced their risk of succumbing to a cold by up to 60 percent.


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