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Small quantities of iron were smelted in ancient times, in the solid state, by heating the ore in a charcoal fire and then welding the clumps together with a hammer and in the process squeezing out the impurities.With care, the carbon content could be controlled by moving it around in the fire.These qualities include such things as the hardness, quenching behavior, need for annealing, tempering behavior, yield strength, and tensile strength of the resulting steel.

Plain carbon-iron alloys with a higher than 2.1% carbon content are known as cast iron.

Basically, steel is an iron-carbon alloy that does not undergo eutectic reaction.

In contrast, cast iron does undergo eutectic reaction.

This was followed by the Siemens-Martin process and then the Gilchrist-Thomas process that refined the quality of steel.

With their introductions, mild steel replaced wrought iron.With modern steelmaking techniques such as powder metal forming, it is possible to make very high-carbon (and other alloy material) steels, but such are not common.


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    Start with Huma Abedin, who is still married to the disgraced former congressman Anthony Weiner whose pornographic selfies and dalliances with women online were tabloid fodder for months last year, and go all the way back to the marital travails of Abedin’s former boss, Hillary Clinton. Smart women with high-profile careers are called hypocrites, traitors to the sisterhood, or at very least deluded because of their loyalty to men who are not good to women and for putting their own careers at risk as a result.

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    A recent study by Voucher Codes Pro found over a third (35 per cent) of Brits met their partners online.

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    How does Alabama perform as a double-digit favorite? Want to see USC vs Notre Dame head to head results dating back 25 years? You ask the questions, the NCAA football database crunches the numbers.

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    Next, remember your goal is to get out of court sooner rather than later.

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    Australia leads the world in zircon mining, producing 37% of the world total and accounting for 40% of world EDR (economic demonstrated resources) for the mineral.

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