Best friends dating your ex

During their relationship you found yourself developing feelings that went far beyond a physical attraction.You two just “clicked.” Fast-forward: Their relationship ended, she’s single, now what?Before viscerally responding “no” to breaking the guy/girl code, hear me out.Let’s set the stage: Your friend was dating an amazing girl.Losing a friend over a relationship, which may or may not work out, is indeed a gamble. The shorter the relationship, the easier time you’ll have convincing yourself (and everyone else) to move forward in your pursuit. Love has a funny way of coming at a time when you’re not looking and least expecting it.



If you are in agreement, it’s time to break the news to the friend (your overlapping social network will also be grateful once this step is complete).

If this friend (who dated the person you want to pursue) is a “Facebook friend,” you can stop reading right now.

There will be no love lost and I wish you luck in your pursuit. Is there a point when an ex is no longer referred to as “the ex” and therefore deemed acceptable for anyone to date?

However, if this is a true friend, take a minute to consider the risk of losing him or her forever. As a general rule, I would say the longer you wait, the better.

Ask yourself if this friendship is strong enough to handle the repercussions? Was the previous relationship one that ended at the altar or was it a fling? I also believe, however, that life throws us curve balls.I know of many examples of people who have been in this exact situation.


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