Balancing children and dating

Of all the things we want for our children, do we want our children to be humble? A humble person is not someone who thinks he's nothing.

Most of us would hesitate to answer yes, because we tend to equate humility with weakness. A humble person knows he's something, but he recognizes God as the source of his greatness.

Formalizing an adoption gives the new stepparent legal authority with the children, including the ability to authorize emergency medical care and the responsibility to help provide care if the parents' relationship ends.

While the concept of the step family has been around for centuries, many blended families were not recognized until the two parents married and agreed to care for the children together, even if one parent was not biologically related.

Working is the website for people trying to give 100% on the job and 100% to their family -at the same time.

To give 200% day after day, year after year, without burning out from the stress; you will need a miracle. Anyone who tells you otherwise is selling something.

It would be rude and out of place for me to tell him how to do his job.


You would expect him to knock very quietly on the door, entering with his head bowed, meekly shuffling to the chair in the corner of the room. They are choosing to use the gifts that God gave them for good.Electrician, but is it possible that you forgot to put the connector wire in the socket?" Since the electrician is the expert in this situation, it's right of me to ask him, rather than to tell him.Since the humble person recognizes his inner strengths, he has the confidence to recognize greatness in others.

An arrogant 10-year-old thinks he's better than his friends, because (for example) he is such a great reader, whereas the child who has humility knows he's a great reader but also recognizes that other kids are good at things like sports, math, science and history. We all want our children to know and appreciate who they are, and to respect others.

We address the practical, hands-on logistical needs of how to juggle work and family – as well as the spiritual needs of working moms.


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