Arizona kid dating

I’d really like to experience flirting with an American guy.

The 26-year-old was spotted by fans on a trip to Mykonos while holding hands with the London-based hitmaker, as her long auburn coloured tresses and his bright blue shaved head seemingly differentiating the pair from fellow holidaymakers.

Atop their romantic vacation, the songstress has been on a spree on Harry's Instagram profile as she has been littering his top snaps with likes - as she moves on from the reality star, who reunited with his ex soon after their romance.

A number on Instagram accounts shared an image of what appeared to be the couple's backs as they held hand while walking down the sunny street.

From the trip, the stunning star shared a sizzling bikini-clad selfie as she pouted into the camera with her hair falling over one eye, as she soaked up the sun during her brief break from Little Mix's gruelling tour.

Of Jesy's new romance, a source told The Sun: 'Jesy looked very happy with Harry - they were completely smitten with each other, giggling and taking photos as they tried on different sunglasses.'They have a lot in common with Harry also in the music industry - he’s definitely Jesy’s type.Chris is a normal Essex lad, he’s very private and low key.


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