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Theresa: We are doing great, and I’m excited that we’re getting an opportunity to talk to you without John. I’ll tell you what, the more we talk to you guys, the more we’re becoming friends. So, we had a good time, just kind of staying busy with the kind of chores that are almost forgotten, that no longer really exist.

Anthony: You know what, I’m totally kidding around. Mark: Wow, before I ask you any more questions, I want to point out this is why I purposely don’t follow you on Twitter @Carrino Anthony.

Mark: Theresa’s looking at me like “Mark, you know what this motorcycle is, don’t you,” and I’m looking back at her like, “Yes I do.” Theresa: I have no idea. Mark: As long as she doesn’t have to be involved, she’s good. It must be giving them such a great opportunity to be able to do something to serve them back in sort of a way. It’s not why I do what I do.” Even as we are giving them this renovation, they are like, “Well, I didn’t expect this. Mark: So, I will follow you on Twitter @Carrino Anthony, Cousins TV on Facebook, but only for that.

ran into problems, Emilia Clarke, a then-22-year-old Londoner—petite, curvy, and blond only by dint of that now-trademark platinum wig—dove headlong into her audition.Then we met her in London—this fun, friendly, easygoing person who was about five-foot-nothing.


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    By now mature and filled out to 92 kg, Roach took the game by storm in the opening half of the new season.

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